Come shopping at Tykwa - BB Gallery’s Internet store.

1. Tykwa has on offer works by artists regularly co-operating with BB Gallery, as well as those by artists who are friends of the gallery.

2. Everything on offer at Tykwa is a one-of-a-kind work.

3. Objects presented at Tykwa can be ordered in different sizes and color-schemes.

4. If an object is ordered to be made according to the Purchaser’s demands, the order will be accepted for execution following a precise establishment of the purchasing conditions, and their acceptance by the Purchaser. Before making a pur chase, the Purchaser receives photographs of the completed work via e-mail. If the completed object differs from what was ordered, the Purchaser may withdraw from the contract, and the Seller will return the deposit made as a down payment towards the completed order.

5. Carrying out an order takes place only following the payment made by the Purchaser on the basis of an invoice sent for the sake of formality, and the registering of a deposit in the BB Gallery bank account.

6. The Purchaser may pay for a package on collection only if he/she holds a Silver or Gold Tykwa Card.

7. The Purchaser receives a Silver Tykwa Card after making a minimum of three purchases at a combined minimum charge of 5,000 zl. in a given calendar year, and a Gold Tykwa Card with a combined minimum purchase total of 10,000 zl.

8. The holder of a Silver Tykwa Card receives a 5% rebate on his/her purchases. A Gold Tykwa Card entitles the Purchaser to an 8% rebate. Card holders pay for no postage and handling.

9. Transport costs are covered by the Purchaser. The Seller will make every effort to keep shipping costs as low as possible.

10. The Seller will cover transport costs for orders made within Poland for orders higher than 200 zl.

11. The conclusion of the transaction is confirmed by a proof of purchase in the form of a VAT invoice or a fiscal receipt attached to the goods sent.

12. The above regulations outline the purchasing policies of Tykwa. Making an order is equivalent to compliance with all the resolutions and information contained therein.